On this CD, Lucia Capaccchione guides you in topics and journal activities including: Inner and outer relationships, relationship dialogue, healing relationships, by resolving conflicts at work, writing with the non-dominant hand, The Higher Self, giving to others, the Inner Child, and drawing your support system.

© 2009 Lucia Capacchione

The Wisdom of Your Other Handaudio series/ 5 CD’s
Writing & Drawing for Self-Transformation

Learn breakthrough techniques for tapping the hidden potential of your right brain. Lucia Capacchione presents her original research, inspiring success stories and practical exercises for discovering innate wisdom and creativity. Use your non-dominant hand to link directly to the right brain and access emotions, intuition, creativity, spirituality and more. The right brain synthesizes and processes information holistically and enhances problem-solving and insight. Through inner dialogue using both hands, integrate both sides of the brain. Take pen in hand and allowing images and words to flood the page, taking you to your true self.

The Wisdom of Your Other HandCD Series is recommended for therapists, healers, health care professionals, artists, teachers and anyone interested in art therapy and journal keeping. Five CD’s in this series include: The Body as Storyteller, The Inner Family, Meaningful Work, The Relationship Dance, Art Therapy & the Creative Journal Method.

$15.00 single CD

author:Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.
producer:Sounds True