The Talent Workbook: Putting Your Talent To Work

The Talent Workbook: Putting Your Talent To Work

Identifying, Cultivating & Marketing Your Natural Talents (ebook)

The Talent Workbook $19.95 *eBook*

To help you take action and put your talent to work, I have made this an interactive book. The activities you will be doing (using both drawing and writing) have been thoroughly tested and proven effective for over thirty years. They have helped thousands achieve results. This method uses both right hemisphere (visual/intuitive) and left hemisphere (logical/verbal) processing.

Using this book you are following in the footsteps of successful talent developers and career makers. You will learn how to:

Discover talent living in your heart’s desires
Cultivate your natural talents
Share your talents, for pay or as a volunteer
Use your talent for solving problems and filling needs while being rewarded emotionally
Create a career based on your unique combination of talents, interests, training and skills
There are many other benefits from this approach to career, work and job search. Unless you do the activities, you will not reap the benefits.

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author:Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D.
format:PDF (8.5″ x11″)

$19.95  eBook

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